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We’re specialists in fitted kitchens and bedrooms across Blackpool and the Fylde. But what we really are is specialists in freeing up space. Specialists in finding clever ways to do more with less. And specialists in turning tight budgets into rooms the work harder for you.

Jim Finnegan, Managing Director

Certified Member of the Guild of Master Craftsman

Fitted Bedrooms

Beautiful fitted bedrooms, by design

For craftsman designed fitted bedrooms in Blackpool, call Jem Craft, Blackpool’s fitted bedroom specialists, on 01253 853664.

Fitted Kitchens

Meet the best kitchen helper you’ll ever have – your kitchen itself.

The design of your kitchen matters. It’s not just about style and looks (although every fitted kitchen we create in Blackpool has plenty of both). It’s about how it works.

Fitted Interiors

Custom Interiors

Whatever ambitions you have for your room, Jem Craft can help. We’re Blackpool and the Fylde’s Guild of Master Craftsmen-certified bespoke furniture makers.

Sliding Wardrobes

What are the benefits (and things to look out for) if you’re thinking about adding sliding doors to your Blackpool fitted bedroom?

More usable space outside

It’s all very well if you have a generously proportioned bedroom with lots of floorspace, but for lots of us, space is always at a premium. Opening wardrobe doors eat into that space. So if you find yourself having to close the wardrobe door just to get to the other side of the bedroom, sliding doors could make your bedroom easier to navigate.

More usable space inside

On the face of it, it doesn’t seem likely. Why should a simple change of door type create more usable storage space in your Blackpool fitted bedroom?

Sliding doors can stretch floor to ceiling and, because there’s no need to worry about fitting in central pillars for the doors to close against, or hinge assemblies, you get far more flexibility in the storage options behind.

Mirror, mirror

Sliding doors are the ideal space on which to place mirrors, which creates two benefits: first, you get a mirror that’s as large as the door. Second, you don’t lose valuable floor space to a freestanding (and almost inevitably smaller) mirror.

sliding wardrobes

Fitted Wardrobes


What are the things that might limit my
choice of fitted bedroom?

One of the very
best things about choosing bespoke fitted bedroom installations in Lancashire
with JemCraft is that all the things that usually limit your choices – a set
selection of finishes, standardised sizes or colours and so on – don’t.

So the only things
left to navigate are your budget – although you’ll be surprised about just how
much we can squeeze out of even small budgets – and limitations of the room
itself. Yet, even where ceilings slope or there’s a window in the way, we’ll
always be able to find a smart workaround.