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Bespoke Fitted Wardrobes Blackpool

by Jemcraft

Keeping you happy in the bedroom since 1992

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Fitted Wardrobes Designed By Us, Created For You.


You have a big blank sheet of paper and an infinite variety of options for your new fitted wardrobes in Blackpool and the Fylde coast. At least, you do when you choose bespoke, craftsman designed wardrobes from JemCraft.


Of course, unlimited options can be a bit of a daunting thought, so here are a few fitted wardrobe FAQs to get you thinking about some of your options, and when you’re ready to start narrowing them down, please get in touch.


Fitted Bedroom FAQs


How high (or wide) can my fitted wardrobes be?

As high or wide as you wish. The beauty of choosing fitted wardrobes in Blackpool with JemCraft is that every piece of furniture is custom designed for the room. So, unlike when you buy flat pack, or choose a standalone piece of furniture, we’ll take all those bits of space that would usually be leftover and do something useful, clever and beautiful with them.

Can I have drawers behind my fitted wardrobe doors?

Yes. Actually, you can pretty much have anything you like behind your wardrobe doors – it doesn’t all have to be traditional wardrobe hanging space. We would recommend putting all the items you need to hang behind your new fitted bedroom doors (because it’s a lot easier to find external drawer space than hanging space). But any leftover room can be used for drawers, racks, shelves and anything else you wish.

What are the things that might limit my choice of fitted bedroom?

One of the very best things about choosing bespoke fitted bedroom installations in Lancashire with JemCraft is that all the things that usually limit your choices – a set selection of finishes, standardised sizes or colours and so on – don’t.

So the only things left to navigate are your budget – although you’ll be surprised about just how much we can squeeze out of even small budgets – and limitations of the room itself. Yet, even where ceilings slope or there’s a window in the way, we’ll always be able to find a smart workaround.

What are your fitted bedrooms made from?

That depends on the specific bedroom you choose, but our bedrooms will typically be a combination of metals (for handles and sliding door frames); real wood (for some doors, panels, handles and laminates faces), glass and MDF or MFC (laminated composite chipboard or fibreboard).

Why do you use fibreboard or chipboard rather than real wood in every part of my fitted bedroom? 

It’s all about practicality. Part of that is cost. By using laminated MFC or MDF in parts of your fitted bedroom we can keep costs down, which enables us to do more with your budget. But the other reason is strength. Not all real woods resist bowing and sagging in the way MDF and MCF do. And some real woods split and crack as they age. Because fibreboards don’t do that, they make a great material for things like shelves and drawers.

The options for your Blackpool fitted wardrobes are unlimited – so let us help you narrow things down a little. Give us a call on 01253 853664 or email info@jemcraft.co.uk.

Fitted Wardrobes FAQ'S

The colours that we can offer are almost endless! From simple and elegant whites, to striking greys and blacks, we have something for everyone. Why not pop down to our showroom to see some of the colours in action.

We certainly do! We can provide premium, top of the range soft close hinge options that will let you doors glide shut with no bangs or rattles.

Yes, all of our site visits are completely free. We will come visit you on a date and time of your choice. We will measure your rooms and areas and discuss options with you and provide samples and brochures of some of the ranges we can offer. Once we have measured up and discussed what it is you would like, we will then prepare an estimate for you.