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Bedroom Handle Styles

By Jem Craft

Keeping you happy in the bedroom since 1992

How do you choose the right handles for your Blackpool fitted bedroom? Here’s our guide.

Finishing touch. Design statement. Essential practicality. Whichever you want from your fitted bedroom’s handles, you’ll need to choose carefully.

Handle or no handle?

Will it be the handle, the latch or the knob? Or will it be the handle-less drawer or door front with a groove or rebate that allows you to pull it open without any additional hardware?

Think about look and practicality when choosing your options and ask:

  • Would the door/drawer be overwhelmed by a handle – and would a smaller knob be more suitable?
  • Would a small knob or handle look lost against a large door – and do you therefore need something bigger and bolder?
  • Will the ironmongery be a design feature, or do you want it to be subtle – or even invisible?
  • Would ornate handles or small knobs cause practical problems (eg would someone in your home struggle to grip them properly? Would they snag too many cardigans in a bedroom that’s tight for space?)

Style matching

There’s rarely only one type of handle for a door or drawer. Yet whilst you could choose from a generous number of suitable options, not every handle is suitable for every door and drawer front.

It’s important to match like with like, ensuring simple, unfussy designs are complemented with simple unfussy handles, and that more ornate or intricate designs aren’t undermined by industrial or utilitarian styles when something with more flair could help lift the entire look.

If you’re struggling to choose, we’ll always help you match the right handle to the right fitted bedroom design.


Sometimes, the design of your Blackpool fitted bedroom will automatically lead you towards a handle material. But where you have a choice, consider whether you want a contrast: metal against glass, for example – or a complementary material, eg wood on wood.

In general, wooden knobs and handles are likely to be subtler and more understated. Metal handles often stand out more and can be used as design features in their own right.

CYLINDER, Bar Handle Brushed Nickel
BLOCK BAR 'D' Handle Chrome




Metal handles are typically available in high shine chrome or satin versions. The former will be more prominent, the latter subtler, and it’s worth looking at the other finishes on the metalwork in the bedroom to ensure you maintain the same finish throughout.

Make it perfect with JemCraft

Big projects are better when you tackle them with JemCraft. For fitted bedrooms in Blackpool – and the handles that provide the perfect finishing touch – call JemCraft on 01253 853664 or email info@jemcraft.co.uk

Handle Examples

Handle Styles FAQ'S

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