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Sliding or opening?

It can be the single most important practical decision you make: will the doors slide or open? If you’re currently struggling with a wardrobe that effectively traps you in one half of the bedroom whenever you open the door, sliding doors can be a brilliant space saver.

Opening doors, on the other hand, can lend your Lancashire fitted bedroom a classic feel that’s hard to beat.


It’s amazing just how many bedroom furniture styles have stood the test of time. Shaker, Victorian, French Country, Japanese, Modernist: they’re all likely to give you years of stylish service. Some choices naturally lead you to a certain style of fitted bedroom. Japanese-influenced styles typically mean minimalist design and sliding doors, for example. Victorian style, on the other hand, will be more ornate, with doors opening outwards.

Choose a style for the long term. You may change the décor around it, but you’ll want the design of your Blackpool fitted bedroom doors to stand the test of time.

And when it really is time for a change, our replacement door service means that you can transform the look of your fitted bedroom furniture as often as you like.


You’ll probably want a mirror somewhere within your new fitted bedroom, but will that go on the inside or outside of the doors? And if it’s on the outside, will you be mirroring one door, or all of them?

It’s a personal choice, of course, but in general, a completely mirrored fitted bedroom creates lots of light and gives the impression of space, so it’s a particularly good choice for small rooms. On the downside, all that glass can mean some extra cleaning, and if you want to create a striking Victorian, Shaker, French Country etc feel, floor to ceiling mirrors are likely to clash with that aesthetic. With these designs, best to opt for wall fixed or freestanding mirrors.


Handles may not be the first consideration when choosing doors styles for your Blackpool fitted bedroom (we explore handles in more detail here), but they can play a part in your choice of style.

Where space is limited, for example, recessed handles that are a part of the door can be a small but effective space saver (and prevent any snagged woollies).

On this page you’ll find just a small sample of the door styles available with our fitted bedrooms. To find more, and to explore your new bedroom design in more detail, please call JemCraft on 01253 853664 or email info@jemcraft.co.uk