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Soft Close Options

By Jem Craft

Keeping you happy in the bedroom since 1992


Shhh, hear that? Of course not, because when you fit soft close mechanisms on your fitted bedroom drawers and cabinets, there’ll be no more slamming. And that’s not the only benefit…

What is a soft close?

If you haven’t had a soft close feature on your kitchen or bedroom furniture to date it can feel a little like magic when you first encounter one. You give the door or drawer the lightest of pushes and the bracket or hinge does the work, ensuring that, just before the door or drawer closes tight, the pace slows to a gentle, noiseless glide.

Quiet closing

How often have doors and drawers slipped from your grip and slammed shut, waking the kids or startling whoever is in the room next door? Soft close features on your fitted bedroom doors and drawers prevent accidental (or even intentional!) slamming.

Protecting contents

Drawers that crash shut shake up the contents. That may not be an issue if the drawer holds socks, but it’s likely to be far more of an issue if it contains carefully ordered documents or small and delicate jewellery. Soft close keeps everything quietly in its place.

No trapped fingers

Soft close mechanisms stop closing if there are fingers in the way. Make them part of your fitted bedroom furniture in Blackpool and you’ll find your room becomes a safer place for children.

Longer lasting furniture

Over time, constant opening and closing can shake loose hinges and drawer facias, reducing the lifespan of your fitted bedroom and increasing repair costs. But with soft close options, you’ll subject your Lancashire fitted bedroom furniture to far less wear and tear.

Make it perfect with JemCraft

Big projects are better when you tackle them with JemCraft. For fitted bedrooms in Blackpool – and the soft close options that make them blissfully safe, quiet and simple to use – call JemCraft on 01253 853664 or email info@jemcraft.co.uk

Soft Close Options FAQ'S

They certainly do! They are designed to take away the horrible bangs and clangs that doors typically produce. Feel free to visit our showroom to see the difference.

We try our best have all jobs completed within four weeks of a deposit. This time frame can of course increase in busy seasons and dependent upon the size and materials of the job.

Yes, all of our site visits are completely free. We will come visit you on a date and time of your choice. We will measure your rooms and areas and discuss options with you and provide samples and brochures of some of the ranges we can offer. Once we have measured up and discussed what it is you would like, we will then prepare an estimate for you.