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Super White Ash Bedroom


Super White Ash Bedroom

The Super White Bedroom

- The Planning Stage

The journey to this stunning fitted bedroom started from an enquiry from our customer based in Poulton-le-Fylde to which we then arranged to visit their home and discuss the ideas and design for their fitted bedroom, we developed a plan which was carefully tailored to their needs which included an increase in storage space aswell as a clean sleek look.

- The Manufacturing

Once the final designs were reviewed and our customer was happy with every detail, we began to manufacture the wardrobes and draw units in our workshop ready for the site installation. This included using our large table saw and many more tools to strip down large sheets of the wood, edge and fix together. To see how we manufacturer our bedrooms, please have a look on our How We Manufacture page.

- The Installation

We now had all of the materials cut to size and quality checked, so it was time to head over to Poulton to our customers home and begin installing their new fitted bedroom. With the wardrobes being a bright white colour, we had to be particularly careful that no marks from our hands or surrounding objects were to form on the wood, so our joiners all wore gloves and relevant PPE for their protection and the woods protection. With this clarified and our joiners raring to go, we began installing the framework of the wardrobes, ensuring that every panel was flush to the wall and level as the more accurate this stage is completed, the better the overall result will be. Now that we had the structure perfectly fitted, we now had to install the finishing touches such as the interior shelves, doors and handles.

- The Handover

We are always excited to introduce our customers to their new bedroom as it is fantastic to see the happiness that our work creates. For more information on kitchen installations by Jemcraft, contact us today.
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