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Fitted Kitchen With Granite Worktops In Blackpool


Fitted Kitchen With Granite Worktops In Blackpool

The Granite Fitted Kitchen

- The Planning Stage

The journey to this beautiful fitted kitchen started from an enquiry from our customer which when then arranged to visit their home and discuss the ideas and requirements for their kitchen, we developed a plan tailored to there needs and visions which they were happy with. The colours chosen by our customer were Muscle and Cashmere which together gave a fantastic neutral look to the room and were very easy on the eye, and to give the kitchen that wow factor they chose granite worktops to compliment.

- The Manufacturing

After all the designs were complete and our customer was happy for us to proceed, we set off manufacturing the base units and cupboards ready for installation. All of the units are cut from large sheets of wood, edged, sanded and fixed together to create seamless components. To see how we manufacturer our kitchens, please have a look on our How We Manufacture page.

- The Installation

Once all of the components were manufactured and quality checked, we loaded up our van and headed to site. Once on site, our team set on installing the base units and door fronts to create the foundation of the kitchen. When the base units were fully installed, it was time for the granite to be fitted by our specialist team. The granite was installed on top of all of our units and we even covered the windowsill also to give the room that extra pop. As if the room did not already look fantastic enough, our customer had two large grey hounds that due to their size, struggled to lean down to eat and drink from their bowls so we decided to work some magic and create a raised bowl unit with granite top for the dogs to eat and drink from comfortably.

- The Handover

We had now completed the kitchen installation for our Blackpool based customer and it was now time to reveal our work to them, thank fully our customer was over the moon with the results and instantly fell in love with their new fitted kitchen. The joy that our work brings to our customers is one of the reasons we love our job, being able to see the difference that our installations make is truly heartwarming and we are always excited for our next adventure.

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  • Date : 25/10/2018
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