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Grey Bordileno and Graphite Sliding Wardrobe


Grey Bordileno and Graphite Sliding Wardrobe

The Secret Sliding Wardrobe

- The Planning Stage

This stunning sliding wardrobe is a fine example of some of the different requests that we receive. In this case our customer was looking to maximise their storage space one of their bedrooms, so we began to develop ideas to ensure that the wardrobe would incorporate both an increase in storage space and also look outstanding. Our customer had requested a design that featured the bathroom being concealed by the sliding doors which we thought was a fantastic touch to this room.

- The Manufacturing

Once our customer had viewed and approved their design, we set out on manufacturing the wardrobes ready for installation. To do this we had our joiner Adam cut all the interior shelves and unit components to size on our large panel saw to ensure a clean and smooth cut. Once the doors had arrived and we had completed all of the interior components, we were ready to install. To see how we manufacturer our kitchens, please have a look on our How We Manufacture page.

- The Installation

Our installation began once all of the materials and tools had been loaded on site. Our joiners Adam and Tony started by installing the framework panels to the existing wall to create a solid and secure structure for the doors to slide on. They then set on fixing the shelving and units in to this framework which created much storage for the customer, and finally they installed the sliding doors on to the framework and tested the functionality of them to ensure that they worked as smoothly as possibly, which they sure did.

- The Handover

Now that the wardrobe had been fully installed and cleaned with our specialist wood cleaner, we ready to reveal it to the customer. We are happy to say that our customer was incredibly pleased with our work and was very impressed with the overall design (which unfortunately we cannot take credit for) as they developed the concealed bathroom idea, but overall this was another fantastic job for some fantastic customers. For more information on kitchen installations by Jemcraft, contact us today.
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  • Date : 08/02/2018
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