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Grey Two-Tone Sliding Wardrobes

Grey Two-Tone Sliding Wardrobes


The Two-Tone Sliders

- The Planning Stage

When planning on installing sliding wardrobes, the main factor to consider is storage space as sliding wardrobes give you a hidden space where you can conceal your clothing and other items. We went to visit our customer with this in mind and discussed the options such as the size of each slider and the colours, our customer had decided on even sized doors with a two-tone colour scheme which looks fantastic!

- The Manufacturing

Once our customer was happy with the design and material choices, we set out on making the sliding wardrobes. The colours we were to use were Driftwood & Cashmere with a brushed aluminium trim.

- The Installation

Once we had all of the components made and loaded into our van, we set off to our customers house to begin the install. With sliding wardrobes there is more to installing them than meets the eye such as the interior components i.e shelving, draws and hanging rails, so with this in mind we began to install the interior products first so that the doors were not restricting our movements and access. Now that the interior was fitted, it was time to install the track system that the doors were to slide on, all of our tracking and doors are soft close and run smoothly across the track to provide a more effortless closure.With the track being fully fitted, it was time for the doors to be added to finish off the job.

- The Handover

This is always our favorite part of any job, seeing our customers reactions to the work we have done and receiving feedback directly from them. For more information on kitchen installations by Jemcraft, contact us today.
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  • Date : 06/12/18
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